ISO 9001

The quest for customer satisfaction is constant in Nold Politech who have been developing and maintaining high-quality products. Customer focus and commitment to excellence in production processes have led the company to prominence in the market. In 2012, Nold Politech was certified by the management system ISO 9001 by SGS / UKAS. According to SGS, the implementation of ISO 9001 enables continuous improvement of quality management systems and business processes. In turn, it increases the capacity of operations in meeting the needs and expectations of customers.
Demonstrating a real commitment to the quality of products shall transform the corporate culture because employees fully absorb the need for continuous improvement. As the certifying agent, ISO 9001 is based on eight quality management principles: customer focus; leadership; involvement of people; procedures approach; system approach; continuous improvement; making decisions based on facts and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. Finally, this certification features that the company follows the principles of internationally recognized quality management.

Good Manufacturing Practices Program

According to ANVISA, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) include a set of measures that should be adopted by the food industry in order to ensure the health and quality of conformity with technical regulations food products. The federal health legislation regulates these measures generally applicable to all kinds of food and industry-specific character, geared to industries that process certain food categories.

The program is a divider between the suppliers of food products market that when properly applied, ensures the integrity and health of the consumer, as its rules and principles are essential to a good condition which was produced from raw material to final product.

Brazilian law through Ordinances 326/97 and 368/97 Ministry of Health and RDC 275/02 of ANVISA, establishes the standards are mandatory for all food industries. However, the Ordinance 1428/93 Ministry of Health, establishing a strict control of establishments linked to the food chain.

How Nold Politech, composes the feed link, providing mono-and multilayer films, has been applying the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

Deepening and broadening its procedures, since this Question is of significant relevance for consumers, Nold Politech set another challenge in its history by the principles defined by HACCP, NBR ISO22000 CERTIFICATION gets, this project already in progress.