As part of the manufacturing industry, we seek to be the best technically and technologically to achieve excellence in production. Excellence for us is synonymous with:

  • Staff who are competent, trained and aligned with the guidelines proposed by the board
  • Most quantity produced with the lowest production costs
  • Raw-materials of proven origin
  • Failure Indexes and quality control parameters

For this excellence to be achieved, we seek to create systematic procedures to organize the various sectors of our company, providing adequate training and a continuous process.

Quality Policy

“NOLD POLITECH’s Quality Policy is to deliver products with a standard of excellence, continuously improving its processes, within the requirements and deadlines of its customers, turning these commitments into results. NOLD POLITECH seeks to enable its employees to reach new developments, technologies, and information, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.”

Quality Objectives

  • To meet the requirements of quality
  • To increase customer satisfaction
  • To meet customer deadlines
  • To provide employee training
  • To improve processes