Nold Politech acknowledges and is aware of the impact our products have on the environment, thus seeking ways to responsibly minimize such clash. We participate directly and indirectly in the disposal of waste production process of our customers, with regard to materials used in the packaging of our products through the shipping and return pallets, aluminum pipe, PVC pipe, among others.

We strictly follow the Federal Law 12305, Decree 7404, Norma NBR10004 in their classes I, II-A and II-B, which deals with the disposal of waste that fall under these regulations, for transhipment areas, duly licensed and registered with the competent bodies for specific disposal company for these purposes.

We always focus on the conscience use of water, preventive and periodic maintenance of hydraulic systems and reservoirs, plus the installation of taps with timers pressure at points of greatest use.

Invest in equipment that optimize operational work, reducing the consumption of electricity.

We encourage the training of our employees, providing proper training and subsidizing training courses at other institutions. Through partnership with local associations also seek to encourage social programs.

We respect the legal provisions in national and local standards, the provisions of ILO Conventions – paragraph 100, referring to the principle of equal 29 and 105 on forced labor, 138 and 182 of child labor, No. 138 § 2 minimum age for conditions job.