Meet the Bag In Box – Another innovative solution from Nold Politech

Integrating materials with technology to offer the appropriate packaging for your product.

Bag In Box Nold – packaging system for products utilized on an industrial scale.

The plastic containers produced by Nold Politech fall within the Flexible Packaging Technical segment for Industrial use, with a capacity of 20 liters to 1000 liters. Our packages are made ​​of Polyethylene structures combined with polyamide and EVOH, applicable to the system Bag in Box with cardboard boxes of 200 liters and either octagonal or rectangular 1000 liters.

We also have available internal plastic liners for rigid containers such as metal drums, plastic, IBC stainless steel or plastic jug.

The main functions of our products are to: protect and preserve the packaged product, isolating it from contact with everything that could, through either chemical or physical reaction, alter it or contaminate it, (ie walls of containers, environment , large variations in temperature, exposure to light, and when required, preventing the permeation of product components conditioned within the walls of the package.)

Bag in Box – 1000 liters – can be supplied in either the complete packaging system (a plastic bag + octagonal cardboard container) or with only the plastic bags with included nozzle for inflating and deflating, appropriate measures to fill chemical requirements for handling pharmaceuticals and food. Additionally, we have available plastic covers protection against weather.

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Meet all solutions in packaging Nold Politech:

Nold Politech develops unique products to meet the needs of its customers.

Meet Products

1000 liters

Plastic bag with nozzles for filling and emptying for cardboard boxes
Finished packing.

1000 liters

Plastic bag with nozzles for filling and emptying for cardboard boxes

200 liters

Rectangular plastic bag with filling nozzle barrel

200 liters

Cylindrical plastic bag with nozzle barrel

1000 liters

IBC- Intermediate Bulk Container PLASTIC

1000 liters

IBC- Intermediate Bulk Container in INOX

1000 liters

Cubic plastic bag with nozzles for filling and emptying for IBC stainless steel and plastic IBC

Special Products:

  • Flexible plastic cover for 200 liter drum protection
  • Plastic bag with antistatic property dissipative
  • Plastic bag with barrier property
  • Plastic bag with specific additives